About me

Hi! Nice to meet you!
My name is Marcin and I’m a Frontend Developer from Warsaw, Poland.


  1. 5+ years of experience (~3 of commercial experience)
  2. perfection freak
  3. problem solver
  4. love to share knowledge


I started to learn front-end technologies as a hobby in February 2017. At the time of writing (May 2022) I have almost 3 years of commercial experience (mostly in one of the biggest e-commerce stores in Poland).

Since the beginning of my coding journey I opt to create not just “another projects for my portfolio”, but things that will solve someone’s problem. It’s a wonderful feeling when with a few lines of HTML, CSS and JS I can create some tool that will help me or someone else in my or their work.

I love to code beautiful and useful landing pages made by awesome graphic and UX designers that I'm working with. Figma FTW!

I am also part of a team of developers who are responsible for many functionalities of our online store and improving its usability.

I am really into sharing my knowledge with others, so I often write detailed documentation for many things that I do and sometimes I conduct training sessions.

So, again, nice to meet you and welcome to mycoding.place